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Joseph Philbert is storyteller that uses photography as his medium. Based in the DMV area but a traveler of the world, Joseph has worked in many areas of photography including glamour, advertising, commercial, sports, fashion, weddings and magazine publications.

Joseph shares the knowledge he has gained over the years with others through workshops where he elaborates on photography skills, Photoshop editing and lighting techniques.

Joseph loves the art of light and shadow in his creative works and say “what you create is a reflection of what you perceive and how you make use of what you perceive.”

His interest in Photography was realized during a workshop in Florida where on a whim, he took a Photography Seminar. Joseph says "I've always photographed family members and objects and thought it would be nice to advance my skills.”

After that seminar he was inspired to improve his skills and found himself investing in equipment, practicing, being a shutter bug and taking more classes and seminars.

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